Welcome to Heflin First United Methodist Church!

Greetings, and welcome to our our church's website.  My name is Michael Burgess, and it is my privilege to serve as the pastor of First United Methodist Church.

As you can probably tell, we are currently in the process of updating our site.  We are doing this to make our site as helpful as we possibly can.  Although there will be much more information available here when we are finished updating our site, we do want you to know that we are glad you visited us.  

I could tell you about our morning worship and Sunday School and Sunday Night Live service and our children's and youth programs and our great music ministry and our short term classes and our Vacation Bible School and our Preschool and . . . well, you get the point.  I do promise that when our site is complete, we will have information about all those efforts, and others as well.

In the meantime, however, I do invite you to come out and visit us.  Our primary worship service takes place at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings.  If you are curious about dress, I will tell you this.  Some people wear ties.  Some wear jeans.  In other words, it is hard to go wrong however you are dressed!

If you would like to speak to me or ask a few questions before you take the plunge of actually visiting, I can always be reached at michael@heflinfirstumc.org.  (Maybe one of the kinks we will work out is how to make this email address an actual link!)  One of my very favorite parts of ministry is getting to have conversations with curious people.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Enjoy our website, and may the Lord richly bless you and yours!

Grace and peace, Michael